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"I placed a FREE ad on Brisbane Exchange for my daughter and within 2 hours had 3 phone calls and now have found a new home for her little dog...

Will most definatly be using this site again and will tell all my friends....

Thank you, Cristie H.


"I have used Brisbane Exchange Classifieds before to search for new housemates.

I received a response to my ad within 36 hours of posting.

I now have a great new housemate! :-)

Thank you for this service, OM


"I have used Exchange before to find a flatmate who lasted 3 years.

Now when its time for another flatmate, your site has been great again.

This allows me to meet people through emails and get to know them a little before I invite them.

- Alicia


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E-Book by Gordon
• For sale • Book • Ipswich
E-Book by Gordon Mackenzie. One-Pennyworth and the Butterfields. (Book one - Children of the streets) (Book Two - A Boy Called Dreamtime) An Adventure Story. Book One. Two boys and a girl live poor life on the streets: They face danger: Twister is a bad man who wishes them harm: It’s time to leave the streets of their hometown for somewhere safe. Book Two. ... more
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Posted Sat 4 Oct 11:36
LOTS and LOTS of people Google this page. Make SURE your ad is on it!


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