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FARM RURAL LIVESTOCK Tractors, chainsaws, generators & mowers for sale in Brisbane & surrounds. Livestock, feed & rural equipment for sale in Brisbane. Veterinary services & fencing contractors in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. FREE ADS.
Buy & sell tractors, chainsaws, generators & mowers Brisbane QLD Australia

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"I have been advertising on Brisbane Exchange for a few years and have always had good results.

This time I had a bigger response than ever before and I have recommended the site to many people over the years.

I think this site is becoming more popular... keep up the good work,

Craig V.


"I advertised for a tenant for my investment unit.

Found Brisbane Exchange thru a search on Google.

I would certainly recommend to others, ML


"Found Brisbane Exchange looking for share acommodaton sites years back, advertised & within a few days had myself a flatmate.

Over the years I have used and used again.

Sold furniture & even met some amazing people from the Personals listings.


Sell chainsaws generators mowers and tractors
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• Sell tractors, generators, mowers & chainsaws • Brisbane Qld Australia

FARM RURAL LIVESTOCK. Sell tractors & chainsaws. Generators, brushcutters & mowers for sale in Brisbane & surrounds. Animals, feed & equipment for sale in Brisbane, Qld. Veterinary services & fencing contractors in Brisbane, QLD.

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"I knew about this site long ago in 2001.

Met a few friends when I was new to Brisbane through here, sold a few things, got a good reply in interest to getting work as a Job Seeker.

Have recommended the Brisbane Exchange Classifieds site to others.

"I would highly recommend and will use again, and again..... fantastic advertising service.

- J. Jackson


"Brisbane Exchange is an easy site to use, everything good...


"i have used Brisbane Exchange a few times, think its great especially coz its free.

i would recommend it and have already recommended it a few times to friends and family

Gail H.



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