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Computers & Phones. Brisbane IT support services : Computer repairs, upgrades, networking, virus removal & computer security servicues in Brisbane. Mobile phone repair services in Brisbane, Queensland. Buy or sell computers in Brisbane : Desktops, ipads, desktops, notebooks, laptops, tablets & computers. Buy or sell new or used printers, printer carridges, modems & USBs for sale in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
Computers & phones for sale Brisbane - Buy or sell ipads notebooks laptops & phones

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"I came across Brisbane Exchange by seaching for free advertisements in the Brisbane area. I have used this site twice ... At present I am listing a computer for sale and hope to have some exposure through Brisbane Exchange.

I would recommend BE to others as it is a way to advertise for free,
John R.

"I listed my laptop for sale.

Within 2 hours it was sold and I had the cash in my hot little hands !!!!!!!!

Scott B.

"A great service, sold a computer in one day here, and from the ad in the newspaper had no calls! WS


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• Phones & computers for sale • Brisbane Qld Australia

COMPUTERS & PHONES. Sell computers in Brisbane. Notebooks, ipads & tablets for sale in Brisbane, QLD. Computer repair & IT support services in Brisbane. Mobile phones, iphones & phone accessories for sale. Phone repair services in Brisbane, Quuensland, Australia.

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