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Brisbane Housesitting Ads: Find a Brisbane housesitter or advertise housesitting services.

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Brisbane Housesitting - Free ads for housesitters and home owners

Brisbane Exchange is a SIMPLE AND FREE way to find house sitting opportunities or house sitters in Brisbane Queensland Qld Australia.

Would-be house and pet minders can place ads to offer housesitting services.

Brisbane home owners can contact advertsers for place an ad directly find themselves a suitable housesitter in Brisbane Qld.

Do you want to be a housesitter?

Tips: Write a great house sitting ad

• Give a description of yourself that include information that homeowners would be interested to hear in deciding whether or not you may be suitable, for example if you work from home, if you have previous housesitting experience and house sitting references

• Do you have a special skills, hobbies or interests that may be relevant? For eg if you are a keen gardener, a tradesperson or a dog lover you should include that in your advert copy

• What time period and when are you interested in housesitting sitting to and from? Give dates and state a mimimum and maximum period you are available to house sit for

• Remember that very few homeowners that peruse the housesitters ads place one of their own – you need to give them a reason to CHOOSE YOU you to contact over the other would-be housesitters

• Include a picture so that homeowners can SEE you
"I vaguely remembered that house sitting was popular in Australia (I live in Canada but had previously spent 2 years in Brisbane) so found your site using Google.

Well done! John S.

Do you need to find a housesitter ?

Brisbane home owners who need to find a house sitter may place an advert stating their requirements so that potential housesitters can contact them including when they need a sitter, whether or not there are animals that need to be cared for, gardens that require care, etc

Home owners can simply peruse the ads of those looking for a housesitting position and make contact with potential house sitters directly.
"I used Brisbane Exchange to find a housesitter.

Jenny D.

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