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Find a tutor or teacher in Brisbane Queensland (Qld).
Primary, high school and tertiary tutors Brisbane Accounting statistics and business tutors
Computer courses and IT training
Language teachers and tutors - French German Italian Mandarin Japanese and Spanish lessons
English teachers and ESL tutors Brisbane Dance classes - Salsa Jazz Tap Hip Hop and Ballroom Acting classes and drama courses
Hobby classes - Sewing, art, pottery and jewellry making
Health and fitness classes and courses
Maths tutors and science teachers
Musical instrument teachers
Singing lessons and vocal training
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• Begin with a catchy, informative headline that instantly let's people know what is on offer eg Beginners French Lessons, Secondary Maths Tutoring, Life Drawing Classes, Silver Jewellery Making, etc
• Use an image. Attract attention and increase response to your ad
• The better your description of your class or tutoring service the more response from genuinely interested potential students you can expect so feel free to use the whole generous text allowance if you wish
• If you have your own domain please feel free to include your web address. In upgraded ads that becomes a working link with extra benefits
• Genuine potential students will not hesitate to call, include a contact no
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