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Hi! My name is Kieran and I'm looking to expand my social network. I currently do freelancing work from home which CAN make it difficult to make friends. Now for all those people who might just suggest yes I know all about it but I prefer meeting people one on one or in small groups initially. IN A NUTSHELL: - I'm a Single (but definitely not looking - see below), Non-Smoking, Straight, and Mature (obviously) Professional. - I'm 36 years old and certainly not getting any younger lol! - I'm from NSW originally and relocated to Brisbane in Feb 2016. MORE ABOUT ME: - I have a positive outlook on life - I'm a relaxed and calm individual - I'm friendly but not an extrovert - I'm 100% GENUINE, OPEN and HONEST (if you cut me open you would find that) - I have lived in Sydney (4 years), London (5 years) and Melbourne (3 years). - I grew up in Coffs Harbour. - Some of my interests include the gym, tennis, football, the beach, restaurants, coffee, reading and socialising (generally). - I also enjoy travelling but haven't done any in a while! I would like to go to South America next. - I embrace all cultures and personality types (prefer laid back people though). - I have 3 sisters. I'm looking to meet males and females for friendship. Females please note there is no need to worry as I'm not looking for anything else besides friendship 100%. If you're in the same boat as me or just looking to expand your social network generally then please give me a shout! Look forward to hearing from you. Kieran
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