Meet people in Brisbane : Expand your social network in Brisbane
Meet like-minded ppl! Its easy to meet others & enlarge your social circle in Brisbane.

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Meet people : Brisbane

A website to meet new people to hang out with in Brisbane.
Expand your Brisbane social network!
"I came across this site after Googling "online friends" and I've been hooked ever since.

I've met a few people and I am still emailing others almost a month later.

I would definitely recommend this website to others!

- Shannon P.

Brisbane : Meet new people
Are you new to Brisbane ?
Moving on from a relationship?
Looking for new friends to go out with ?
Find people who share your interests.
Just click SUBMIT.
Its easy. Free & private.
"I used Brisbane Exchange to find friends in my local area.

I found it through a search in google.

I have had many responses to my ad to find new friends and was very happy with your service - thank you!

- Erin

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