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BLOCKED TOILET? OVERFLOWING GUTTERS? BUYING A HOUSE & WANT PEACE OF MIND THAT WHAT IS BELOW THE GROUND WON'T COST YOU LOADS DOWN THE TRACK? RapidFlow Drain Services are specialists in all areas of Drainage Maintenance servicing South East Queensland. Whether you have a blocked toilet, shower, downpipe or other plumbing fixture, RapidFlow have the skills and the equipment to get you unblocked. We utilise our state-of-the-art water jet to unblock your drains and then provide a free camera inspection of your drainage after unblocking to locate the cause of your issue. Some other services we offer include: * Stormwater drain cleaning and/or inspections * Septic drain cleaning and/or inspections * Pre-purchase inspections of underground drainage to a house you are in the process of buying * Drain location to prevent damage when excavating in the vicinity of pipework * General plumbing * Pressure washing If you think we can be of service to you, don’t hesitate to call us and have a chat on 0402 723 361, or visit our website for further info. QBCC Lic. No. 15048131
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