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Legal & Publishing Policy
In providing you with access to the website, Brisbane Exchange Classifieds is endeavoring to provide local Internet users the opportunity to place free or paid advertisements. Whilst legal liability for adverts will remain with the advertiser, Exchange Classifieds does review submissions to try and maintain its EDITORIAL GUIDELINES by reviewing submissions and rejecting free adverts which are not CORRECTLY CLASSIFIED, PLACED ON INAPPROPRIATE EXCHANGE LOCATIONS, NOT UNIQUE OFFERINGS, DUPLICATE ADVERT PLACEMENTS, WEBLINK FARMING, or those that contain ILLEGAL or ADULT content. The UNIQUE advertising policy excludes any MLM, party plan, catalogue, pyramid or referral based sales or self-employment opportunities in the classifieds be they paid or unpaid adverts. We reserve the right to retain any advertising fees where this policy has been breached. The Exchange Classifieds webmail service will use its spam filters to the maximum extent technically possible block undesirable and commercial emails from delivery and permanently bar the senders. Exchange Classifieds asks its users to recognise that it is not possible to be 100% accurate in this process and asks visitors to report unsuitable adverts and responses to assist in this process to maintain the quality of the site for the benefit of the vast majority. Brisbane Exchange has no opportunity to verify the validity of the offers made by individual advertisers and asks all users to avoid scams by trading LOCALLY and using commonsense. Interested parties should always make their own enquiries. Exchange does not offer a user rating system as these are open to manipulation and should not be relied upon. Common scams often offer to buy goods or rent premises in the first contact and frequently refer to cashiers cheques, western union, shipments and are often accompanied with poorly written language and spelling errors. These should be ignored, deleted and/or reported to Exchange so that the fraudulent party can be blocked from future use of the Exchange site. Accordingly, Brisbane Exchange Classifieds disclaims all legal liability arising from or connected with the publication of any material or replies from this website to the maximum extent allowable by law.

Brisbane Exchange reserves the right to re-classify adverts into categories it considers more appropriate, as well as reject them in accordance with it's internal guidelines. Exchange also reserves the right to block commercial email and block offending parties from use.

We have provided this website to be used only for legitimate trading and exchanging of products and information. We would encourage and invite any visitor to our site who finds an offensive or illegal notice to contact us using the form at the bottom of this page so that we can take immediate action.

Brisbane Exchange will not publish adverts relating to or encouraging SPAM, unsolicited email, pornography, prostitution, drugs, pyramid selling, MLM, get rich quick schemes, illegal goods and services or sexually explicit adverts.

All adverts are reviewed by a human, so please don't assume that you can bypass this policy.

Exchange Classifieds are not intended to list web sites. Our goal is simply to provide correctly classified and specific information for our visitors here such as actual motor vehicles for sale, specific properties for rent or sale, details of particular tradespersons and so forth. We will not list related malls, directories or websites on the same topic although a domain owned by the advertiser can be used in support of a properly worded advertisement which can stand alone in terms of sufficient details supplied in the text. Advertisers who want to reach beyond their local Exchange site will need to upgrade their advertisements in the placement process or alternatively place banner ads by sponsoring their niche category/s.

Refund Policy
As a paying customer you will expect the same high quality customer service as well as the premium benefits of top billing and larger ads with working links. Should you discover that your premium advert is not running on the website you are entitled to a full refund of your month's payment unless you are in breach of publishing policy (ie illegal, adult , MLM or other non-unique business advertising) in which case the advert will be removed & the fee paid will be retained. Where an advert is paid for longer periods we will refund one month and ensure the advert is re-published promptly. Where a premium advert is paid for but subsequently the advert becomes redundant (e.g. because you sold the car you were advertising) we will remove the advert at your request, however this does not entitle you to a refund, pro-rata or otherwise. Should you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us using the email address at the bottom of this page.

Privacy Policy
We are deeply committed to protecting the privacy of Internet users. Below is information outlining our continued support for the responsible management of information.

During the process of delivering web pages to you, our servers do not collect any personally identifiable information about you such as your name, address, phone number, or e-mail address.

However, in order to gauge how successful the website is, we (like all responsible website owners) do log your IP address. This is a numeric code such as This address is on loan to your Internet Service Provider, so we could, theoretically, find out which ISP you use. (Big deal!) - only fair to warn you, though!!

This is the only information about you which we automatically collect.

We only use cookies to manage your logged in session with respect to the messaging system.

Adverts and Adchasers
When you place an advert on the website you must supply your email address. This is so that readers of the advert may respond to you. If you request an adchaser you also need to supply your email address so that you can receive the adchaser when adverts are posted on the site.

Brisbane Exchange GUARANTEES to never pass your email to any third party.

Free Advert Photo Policy
You may upload ONE PHOTO in JPEG format to your free classifieds advert. You must ensure and take legal responsibility for owning the copyright of the photo you use. Usually this photo would be a picture you have taken yourself of your car, house, furniture or yourself for example. Where the item being offered is intangible (i.e. a service or trade) you should provide a photo of yourself at work or an example of your work. Photos which have been constructed or modified via photo software or including any text are prohibited.

In all cases adult, offensive or otherwise unacceptable material will be removed at our discretion without debate and will result in permanent barring from the Exchange site.


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