6 Simple Ways to Make Your Office More Productive


In a modern work environment, you’ll find the company taking every step possible to make their employees as productive as possible. Employee productivity is a field that has been heavily researched into and you’ll find that the rigid cubicles of our recent past have been drastically changed into a far different layout. Here’s what you need to know on creating a productive space:

The Layout

Understanding the layout of a space is crucial to pinning down its efficiency. Think of how your office should look to a client. What would their path be from the entrance to the conference room? Will they have to pass through unnecessary rooms like the break room to get there? This is a flaw in your layout. Likewise think of how your employee would go about his day and plan the functionality of your office based purely on what would give him ease of access.


With the amount of technological development swimming in the air, it’s easy to get caught up in the trendiness of it all. You want to be the company with the most cutting-edge equipment but think wisely on whether everything you invest in really pays off. The technology in your workspace should only have a purpose and should never serve as a distraction.

Open Space

Research supports that open spaces stimulates creativity and productivity so first and foremost focus on creating a collaborative space. And when contacting a supplier of office furniture remember that this space also has to look the part- it needs to hold a crisp allure that makes employees feel like they really want to work here!

Eliminate Distractions

It goes without saying that the most common distraction in a workplace would be the tendency for loud noises and a poorly soundproofed building.  Next comes lighting issues. Make sure that the building has enough natural light to be able to embrace a healthy work setting but also have window treatments on hand in case of glare.

Zero Clutter

Embrace a no-clutter lifestyle at the office because having too much clutter at a work station is a representation of disorganized thinking. There are cabinets and drawers used to store extra papers and supplies so don’t allow your desk to accumulate anything other than a bit of personalization. This helps the employee connect to his individual space.

Be Inquisitive

If you’re just beginning to look at spaces for your start-up, be more inquisitive with your questions to get a better idea of what kind of environment you’re dealing with. Think beyond the contract and ask about neighbours. Ask about any disturbances in the area- for example, a construction project. One of the best ways to make your office productive is to ensure your basic needs are met first.

By following these steps you’ll be creating a space that is not only appealing but convenient- two important factors that help reduce employee discomfort and thus, help stimulate more productivity. Make sure to be consistent in your maintenance of the space, however!

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