The significance of Brisbane airport and Qantas expansion lounge

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Australia is the sixth largest country in world according to its total area, but the largest country in Oceania. This country has wide range of landscape variety which includes rainforest’s, deserts, mountain ranges that stretches to the south east .it has population of almost 25 million. If we compare the population density with other neighboring countries, then undoubtedly this country is the lowest among all, with 2.8 inhabitants per square meter. Australia is the high developed country, having almost 14th largest economy in the it also has 9th largest immigrants population that resulted in over 600 busiest airports that are scattered across the vast landscape. Some of the busiest airports in the country are Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane

The third busiest airport in this country is of Brisbane. The airport won many great awards in terms of excellent services. This city is well known for its economic and cultural the tourists admired to visit the astonishing developed city. There was some addition on the 3rd floor of the Brisbane airport and increasing passenger capacity up to 30%. The Qantas has been trying to provide ease to the travelers; meanwhile they recently opened the extension lounge for passengers. The majority of international flights departs from the Brisbane city so the additional space has reduces the stress of people and has created the relax atmosphere in the lounge. There are some specific timing for opening and closing of lounge. There people can even experience the quality cuisine, hot, cold buffet and seasonal dishes. Qantas said the lounge “the motive to give soothing environment to passengers and to reflect the ethereal beauty of the Queensland landscape through natural views, design and furniture.”

Vanessa Hudson is a Chief Customer Officer of Qantas group. She said that „we took a initial step in the airport space in order to accommodate the customers with more relaxing seats, coffee with some new technology equipment‟s and offer the great food with some very reasonable price tags, that can eventually be affordable with the considerable amount of people.‟ And they even cliamed that the staff operates almost 60 direct international flights from city to every week, including to Hong Kong and Los Angeles on the Dreamliner 787.

The robust road network is linked with the airport, so travellers can have access to the city of Brisbane through bicycles is expected that the airport of Brisbane will have to accommodate 5o million more passengers than the prior year estimation as this city is getting famous throughout the world due to its veritable bounty of parks, river and city skyline is favorite tourist spots for locals and foreigners.

Queensland is the country‟s strongest state. It covers the northeastern side of continent , which is mainly a coastline that stretches deep to the almost 7500 km ,top ranked that covers that most exotic beaches of gold and most appealing sunshine coastal tourist spots that has been the most important among the tourism hub .

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