Essential Tips in Buying the Best Kitchen Splashback


Renovating and remodelling kitchens have been a trend among homeowners this past decade. Kitchen splashbacks are a common piece in every modern kitchen. These are installed behind the cook top, sink and even on kitchen workspaces. They protect the walls and surfaces from food splatters, grease, moisture and heat from cooking and preparing food. As wise consumers, we always want to get the best for our home, even on splashbacks. Here are some tips to consider when choosing a splashback for your kitchen.


First, you have to consider the budget you’re willing to spend for a splashback. You can choose from a variety of splashback materials – from tile, glass, stainless steel, wood and many more. The cost of splashbacks varies depending on the material they’re made of. When you have already set the budget, it would be easier to look for a splashback that is within your range.

Aesthetic Appeal

Splashbacks are made from different materials and give a distinct appeal to your kitchen. For instance, a stone splashback is perfect if you want a classy look in your kitchen. If you’re looking for versatility in style, glass splashbacks would be a great choice since it comes in different styles and colours. No matter what style you’re looking for, you can definitely find USM splashbacks that suit your needs.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance are an essential factor in making your splashback last long. Before buying one, be sure to check if it suits the kind of maintenance that you prefer. Tile splashbacks look aesthetically appealing but can take more time in cleaning and maintenance because of the grout that could form in between tiles. Glass or stainless-steel splashbacks are easier to clean and maintain, however, they could cost more than other types.

Finding the Right Supplier

Before shopping for a kitchen splashback, be sure to choose the right supplier that suits your preferences. Doing some research before settling with a supplier is an important step to achieve this. You can get an idea about a supplier’s quality of service by browsing through client reviews and ratings on their site or social media. You could even ask for recommendations from your trusted people to get a shortlist of good splashback suppliers.


Just like when you’re buying appliances, the kind of warranty a supplier offers in also an important factor to consider when choosing a splashback. It could save you a lot on expenses in the long run. Different companies offer different warranties. For instance, some companies offer warranty for up to 10 years while others give shorter warranty duration. Be sure to consider the warranty together with the budget when buying a kitchen splashback to get the most out of your budget.

Being a wise buyer is important even when just choosing a good splashback. With so many options to choose from, finding the best kitchen splashback can be a challenging task. Keep those tips in mind to help you find the right product that suits your needs.

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