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How To Supersize Your Small School Room


To have a small school room can be a nightmare for a teacher especially if you have too many students. It can get loud, claustrophobic and very messy in no time. Organization will be a hassle and getting anything done or maintaining discipline will be a challenge. More kids also mean more school supplies, school bags and other items they carry with them. The storage for these will also take up a lot of space further making the room smaller than what it is. Here are a few tricks you can use to make the school room a little more spacious.

Start By Getting Rid Of Unwanted Things

Any room can become automatically spacious if you get rid of everything that is unwanted in it. You can also replace furniture and other equipment in the room. For example, a large piano can be replaced by a smaller keyboard that would serve the same purpose. If it is a school room of young children, you can get rid of individual desks and have long curved continuous tables with multiple chairs so they can share it together. These tables may also have inbuilt drawers or storage in which they can store their stationary.

Add Extra Space

You can get custom made portable classrooms attached to your school room to increase the size of it. These rooms can be customized according to your needs and requirement. For example, they can be the music corner where all the instruments are laid out. Or it can be the painting corner to make sure that the rest of the room doesn’t get messy and the creativity of the children is contained within that space. These areas are also ideal for school rooms of older children, where they need more space to focus and study. Also, these are ideal for exams when individual desks need to be kept separated from each other.

Do Not Waste Any Space Available

Make sure to use all space available in the room. This includes the walls, every nook and corner of the room as well. The walls can be used to hang the bags of children. Or else shelves can be fixed to the walls and a mini library can be made. Corners can be furnished with a bean bag and be called the reading corner.

Have separate sections in the school room and clearly demarcate them so that children will not walk aimlessly and create a mess. For example, when a group is expected at their tables doing drawings, another group can be at the wall of books, choosing a book to sit down and read.

Having a small classroom can be a challenge to a teacher no matter what the age group of children might be. But there are many things that can be done to supersize a small school room such as getting rid of unwanted furniture, using portable space, and making use of every nook and corner. These can help you get the space that you need to make it much easier to handle children.

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