Things to Do to Feel Safe in This Modern World


One of the things that we often hear and see portrayed in the media is the gruesome occurrence of murder and heinous crimes happening all around the country. It seems like the more gruesome and the more macabre means more viewers and it gets the subject sensational to the point that heinous crimes are becoming a common product and commodity that we never realized that as a nation we are basically consuming this topics and subjects on a daily basis, and though it makes us afraid it also makes us more interested and engrossed in it, that in the end we find that we are basically callous to the old subject of the macabre.

But it also creates an unstable feeling of helplessness and insecurity for the common people. It invokes the feeling of powerlessness among the people that it has a big probability that it will happen to them too and it creates a restless state of insecurity which is basically not a healthy state of mind for everyone. This feeling of being shrunk down to a mere status of a probable victim is such a dangerous world is not healthy and not beneficial to the common man. Yes, it is good to be vigilant but it is never good or beneficial to be paranoid on one’s safety.

Here are the tips to feel secure in a dangerous world.

Ask for Help

One can always ask for help whenever they feel unsecure. One good thing about a free enterprise is that anybody can rise to the top if only they work hard and worked smart for it, but with free enterprise is also the possibility and the undying idea that other people can exploit one’s hard earned profit and investment.

If one feels that such is the case, that someone is out there trying to steal from or trying to destroy them, one can hire private investigators to help them locate the problem or the responsible person and respond to it. The investigator and his professional team will always find out the probable perpetuator and even know the motive behind it.

Be Vigilant

Always be vigilant in whatever you do. One safety expert even suggested that as a being with a gamut of mannerisms and behaviours, we often find a pattern in which we consciously or unconsciously follow which makes us predictable, as a creature of habit we oftentimes fall victim to our own pattern of behaviour. We often follow a specific trail that others are able to pick up our pattern and exploit it for their own selfish and evil desires.

Assume the Worst

When one assumes the worst-case scenario that person is not a pessimist but a realist. A realist sees through all the good and bad but the truth is when one sees reality as a given constant one cannot get rid of all the worst case possibilities for a given subject, this line of thinking is not bad since it makes a person respond to the needs faster because they are already anticipating such scenario and has already rehearsed the scenario and knows most likely how to respond.

All in all, we must be in constant vigilance but we should also enjoy life and not let fear consume us.

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