Ways to Protect Your Car Paint


Are you worried about the condition of the paint on your car? Knowing how to keep the paint safe can actually save you up a rather big amount of money in the long run. Some of the very little mistakes that you may make can actually hurt the health of the paint on your vehicle. Here are some of the ways in which you can keep the paint looking good.

Do Not Write on The Car with Fingers

You may be in the bad habit of writing on the car with your fingers and sometimes, if you have kids, they may be doing this for fun as well.  You may think that doing this has no impact on the paint but in reality, it does. When you trace the dust on the vehicle with your finer, you are actually turning your finer into a sandpaper and grinding the dirt on to the paint. Some of this may actually get through into the paint. Do not make this mistake.

Use A Synthetic Coating for The Paint

One of the new methods that is on the market is the use of automotive ceramic paint protection in Brisbane. This is something that you should definitely know as a car owner. What this does is that there is a layer of polymer or ceramic coating that will be applied on top of the paint. This is completely worth it as it will do wonders for your vehicle for a very long period of time. It is thought of as being better than car wax.

You Should Wash and Clean the Vehicle Regularly

Another aspect that cannot be stressed enough is maintaining a clean car. You should never use something like a dish soap to clean the vehicle because it will hurt the paint. However, you should use a special cleaner that has been designed for cleaning cars itself and you should only use a foam applicator to apply this and clean the vehicle. The more that you clean up, the lower the harm from UV rays will affect the paint on your car.

Apply A Paint Sealant

You will also have to think about using a paint sealant to keep the paint on your car safe. You may have to actually use this once or twice a year so that it has the right effect. It will also provide protection to your vehicle by adding a sheath above it. What you will have to do is to mix in a binding agent to the sealant and mix it well up.

The amounts to be used will vary based on the brand that you choose to buy. That said you should generally keep it to a 4:1 ratio. You will need to apply this in circular motions to the paint and complete one section at a time. When the texture of the layer changes, start wiping it with a towel in circular motions as well. These simple methods can help you keep your car paint looking good.

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