What To Do When Your Drain Is Clogged


Clogged drains are the source of nightmares for homeowners. It is a hassle to wash the dishes when the kitchen sink is clogged. It is difficult to take a bath when the toilet drain is obstructed. But this occurrence is unavoidable since we use our sinks on a daily basis. Kitchen sinks are prone to blockage because of food, debris and grease while toilet drains are usually blocked by hair, tissues and other foreign objects.

As a homeowner, we should be ready for this unavoidable certainty. We should know how to treat the problem first to avoid any water damage because of the blockage.

Rinse The Drain

When you see the first signs of a clogged drain, the first thing you must do before you call a professional drain plumber is to rinse the drain. The reason for this is the blockage that is causing the clog could be removed if you cleaned the drain. It would also be easier for you and or the plumber to see what is clogging your drain once it is rinsed out. You could also pour baking soda and vinegar and let it sit for several hours or overnight if possible. Then boil as much hot water as your kettle could accommodate and pour it slowly down the drain.

Unclog If Possible

If you could unclog your drain, do it. Look for a wire hanger that you are not using anymore and straighten it out as much as you can with a little hook at the end. Use this to fish out any gunk, hair, grime and all nasty stuff that is blocking your drain and making it hard for the water to seep.

Avoid The Usual “Culprits”

When you are using your kitchen sink, try to avoid the usual “culprits”. Discarded food should be tossed in the garbage bin and use a sink strainer when washing the dishes. Don’t pour hot oil because the cold water could solidify it making it another cause of the blockage. You could also purchase a shower drain hair catcher to catch the hair that is also one of the usual culprits for toilet drain blockage.

Call A Professional Plumber

When all of these fails, call a professional plumber. Do not try and attempt to remedy the blockage on your own especially if the above mentioned “first aid” tips and tricks already failed. If you try to do it yourself and it caused more damage, the cost of repair would be more expensive compared to when you have called a professional plumber in the beginning instead. Clogged drains are a hassle and should be resolved efficiently.

One of the ways you could avoid a clogged drain is to know the warning signs. When you notice that the water in your sink or bathroom floor takes longer to drain and there are unpleasant smells wafting out of your kitchen and or toilet, they are all signs that your drain might soon be blocked. Keep in mind that prevention is also better than cure and if you try and maintain your drains clean from blockages, the possibility of you dealing with a clogged drain is unlikely.

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