What You Should Know About Perfume Balms and Solids


Have you ever heard or perfume balms or perfumes in solid forms? It seems to be the new big thin on the block and everyone seems to be super excited about it as well. Actually, the consistency of this product is very much similar to that of a lip balm. You can carry them in small containers just like in the case of lip balms.

In addition to the fact that they are really easy to carry around, there are also a whole bunch of benefits that these products seem to offer which is why they are gaining some really good popularity really fast. So, if you still have not tried these out and don’t know what to expect, here are some of the best benefits that you can get from using these.

It Is Perfect for When You Are Travelling

We all know that travelling with a perfume becomes a huge hassle when you have to board a flight and you are only allowed to carry below 100ml. we all also know that we need the perfume after long hours of travel cooped up in the same place if we do not want to smell like airplane. So rather than having to leave your perfume at home, having one of these solid perfume things on you will work miracles. You will not have the 100ml issue and you will also be able to smell good once you are off of the flight.

They Are Free of Alcohol

One of the biggest things that are included in the normal liquid perfumes that we use is alcohol. This is in order to make sure that they evaporate when they are sprayed on. However, when it comes to your skin this alcohol can sometimes cause irritation in most people.

This is why you feel it stinging especially if you have just shaved or had a waxing session. However, with the solid version there is no need for it to dry off so it does not have any alcohol and therefore also no irritants.

They Are Conveniently Small in Size

One of the best things about this application of perfumes is that you do not need a lot of space to carry it in unlike in the case of the normal perfume bottles and body spray cans. All you need I a tiny little bit of space like you would do for your lip balm and you can carry it around with you all day even if what you have is just a clutch purse.

There Will Be No Leaking

This has happened to pretty much most of us who want to travel. We keep the perfume well placed in the luggage thinking that it will be safe and then we get home and open the luggage to the overpowering smell of perfume and of course perfume on everything because either it leaked or the bottle itself just broke. You will not have this issue with the solid version, needless to say and therefore your perfumes will not be wasted.

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